30 June 2015

What’s on the horizon – five areas HR professionals should be keeping under review

Now that the dust has settled on this year’s General Election, employers can get a better idea of what changes we can expect to see in employment law in the next couple of years. Whilst, at first glance, it might look like we’re entering a "steady as she goes" period, scratch beneath the surface and there are plenty of important developments to be found. We discuss some of the most interesting below and will keep you posted as more detail emerges. 

1. Rights to take leave

Employees already have the right to take time away from work for a wide variety of reasons. If the following proposals come to fruition, we will be able to add two more to that list.

Remember the millennium bug? Meet the leap second.

IT lawyers of a certain age will remember the Millennium Bug with fondness.

Long before the iPhone, when even the humble Blackberry had barely dented our work/life balance, IT lawyers weren't partying like it was 1999.

Oh no, we were saving the world from catastrophic computer meltdown!