8 May 2015

Outsourcing contracts - do try this at home

We recently spent some time reviewing the UK Government’s latest template outsourcing agreement. It won’t appeal to everyone, but it’s a great benchmark for larger scale projects, and it’s freely available for download and non-commercial use.

However, pushing 400 pages (including schedules), it’s a big old read, so, in no particular order, we picked out nine of the more useful take-aways.

1 May 2015

Zero-hours contracts – modern tyranny or flexible friend?

There is an “epidemic” of zero hours contracts (ZHCs) that is “undermining family life”. Individuals on such contracts are “left at the beck and call of an employer who can ask the world of you but can give you no security in return”. So said Ed Miliband when announcing what a Labour government would do to tackle the problem. Labour claim that the number of ZHCs has tripled since 2010.

In contrast, the Conservatives have suggested that ZHCs offer flexibility to employees, claim that the Labour proposals threaten jobs and have accused Labour of whipping up scare stories. They say that only 2% of workers operate under such contracts.