28 January 2015

Enforcing your rights on the internet - how do you choose where to sue?

The internet - as the name suggests - is truly international. So if you, as a national of one EU state, become aware that a website of another EU state is shamelessly using and abusing your work, where can you take legal action to make them stop?

26 January 2015

Why there are no real winners in Rihanna v Topshop passing off case

It has been widely reported in the press that Rihanna has won her "image battle" against Topshop relating to the unauthorised sale of t-shirts bearing her likeness. But while the Court of Appeal has indeed dismissed the appeal by Topshop against an earlier High Court decision in favour of the pop diva, does this really vindicate the Barbadian superstar's decision to fight such a lengthy and expensive legal battle?

20 January 2015

Car wars: Enterprise drives off Europcar in fight for "e" trade mark

In proceedings so lengthy and costly they were described as "a state trial" by the judge, car rental rivals Enterprise and Europcar have squared off in a fight for the right to use competing "e" logos (reproduced below: Enterprise on the left, Europcar on the right).

15 January 2015

Anti-screen scraping Ts and Cs can be effective, rules European Court

In an eagerly awaited judgment, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has ruled that website terms and conditions prohibiting the wholesale extraction of data - aka screen-scraping - can be enforceable.