21 September 2016

Outsourcing - innovation, risk and opportunity

“Innovate or die”. We’ve all heard it, nobody seems to know who first coined it, but everyone understands it. Our businesses must constantly be better, cheaper and faster or inevitably, we’ll be overtaken by our competitors (à la Kodak, Blockbuster, and the entire motor industry if it doesn’t keep up with Google and Über). 

12 July 2016

My nine-year-old lawyer

You’re sitting in the vast reception of an expensive, upmarket law firm, sipping your perfect cappuccino and scanning your email (again), when you look up to find yourself literally eye-to-eye with a smiley four and a half feet tall nine-year-old girl in a surprisingly tailored business suit. She politely introduces herself as Zoë, and she's your lawyer.

Do you buy it, or do you beat a hasty retreat to the exit?

28 June 2016

After Brexit: Part 2 - what next for IP and data protection?

We are now post referendum and, barring minor miracles, Brexit seems inevitable. But while the exact status of the UK's post-Brexit relationship with the EU is yet to be determined, a consensus is emerging about the impact on intellectual property and data protection law.

27 June 2016

After Brexit – what next for employment law?

Vast numbers of column inches have already been devoted to the recent vote in favour of the UK leaving the European Union. Many of these column inches have focused on the political and economic fallout from the vote. At some stage, however, the gnashing of teeth has to stop and the practical consequences have to be considered. 

26 May 2016

Chelsea's Mourinho trade marks - a special brand

As a dedicated follower of both football and IP, I was intrigued by yesterday's reports that a deal between Man United and Mourinho was being held up over "image rights" owned by Chelsea.

This merited further investigation. It turns out that Chelsea have an extensive portfolio of some 175 live trade marks. These include FERNANDO TORRES and TORRES (but not COSTA or HAZARD), ABRAMOVICH, CHELSKI, and ANCELOTTI (but not HIDDINK).

20 May 2016

Why class is NOT permanent for European Union Trade Marks

We previewed changes to the European Union trade mark regime earlier this year in a previous post.  

Since 23 March 2016 Community Trade Marks have been known as European Union Trade Marks, or EU Trade Marks for short. On the same date, changes to the classification of goods and services protected by EU Trade Marks were also enshrined in law.

18 May 2016

Stayin' alive - keeping that planning permission alive

You’ve spent months, sometimes years, and paid considerable application, professional and other fees, negotiating and obtaining your valuable planning consent for your land. The judicial review challenge period has now passed. Congratulations! It is understandable why at this stage developers often breathe a sigh of relief. However, if you are not intending to dispose the land at this stage, now is not the time to relax fully. This blog explains why not, and ultimately how to get there.